BIS sarl Was Founded in 2003 as an expert brokerage firm in all types of insurance.BIs is capable of offering you the broadest range of insurance companies , policies and plans.

Our consultants will analyze your needs and provide a sound advice with the best tailor-made deal.


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We Help You Save Money !

By giving you the best insurance deals available

on market

Customer Commitment:

We are committed to helping our customers plan for their future, protect their legacy, preserve their sense of self and maintain their independence. Our long-term care, short-term care and home health care plans are designed to help our policyholders receive the right care at the right time and in the right setting.

What Can We do For You ?

We give you wise advice !

You are an individual or a big company and you need to choose the right insurance plan? Rely on our expertise to offer you consultancy through studying the policies offered by the market and give you wise expert advice to guide your choice .

We do it for you !

We help you save time and effort thanks to our speed and flexible home service assistance ;in the event of a car accident, you don't need to go to the insurance company to do the claim, or got to the garage , and mess up your whole day schedule ...We will take care of your car, take , fix it , and return it to your door.


Jnah-961 Bldg. , 4th floor , Adnan El Hakin Str. , Beirut , Lebanon


Tel: +961 1 825577

Fax: +961 1 824812


Monday - Friday 

8:30 am to 4:30 pm



9:00 am to 12:00 pm


Evenings by Appointment

Our Core Values

 Integrity, Customer-Focus, Excellence and Teamwork - make a statement about where we've been, who we are today, and how we will work together to achieve our mission. They have been drawn from our rich past, and distilled to connect us with the values most important today to our middle American customers. These core values provide the necessary foundation of basic principles to guide all of our associates across the company.


Integrity - We have the highest standards for ethics, fairness, and personal responsibility. We're honest and straightforward. We operate within the letter and spirit of the law. We show unwavering consistency between words and actions. We comply with all laws, regulations, and company policies.


Customer Focus - We exist to improve the financial security of our customers and policyholders, and we put them first and foremost in all of our decisions and actions. We anticipate our customers needs and move quickly and urgently to serve them.


Excellence - We act with a strong sense of urgency, recognizing that speed matters. We honor our commitments and we take personal responsibility for our actions. To meet the needs of our customers, we strive for excellence in our products, services, and business processes. We are passionate about winning in the marketplace, and embrace any change needed to do so.


Teamwork - We win as a team, putting the enterprise ahead of any business unit, function, department, or individual interests. We value diverse teams that take ownership of work efforts, and create an atmosphere of commitment, participation, and collaboration. We trust that our team members act in the best interest of Bankers, and we have confidence in their capabilities and intentions. Our associates grow personally and professionally through their experiences at Bankers.

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