Consultancy & Management

With our professional team, the insured benefit from policy study performed prior to new policy issuance. As consultant, BIS provides the following:


  • Analyzing risks

  • Checking on the accuracy of classification and rates charged

  • Providing loss prevention

  • Engineering services if needed for pre-risk survey

  • Making valuation approvals


These technical services make policies issued through BIS tailor-made ones. In other words, customer is properly protected and highly benefiting from a first class insurance service. BIS provides portfolio management and all necessary services throughout its insurance contract period:


  • Updating insurance policy

  • Renewing policy at expiry

  • Offering new insurance products

  • Handling claim management

  • We use mathematical and statistical knowledge to evaluate long term forecast related to financial risks.

  • We invent and adopt a variety of techniques and strategies to resolve all types of business problems

  • We verify data and analyze it to find out solutions so as to make modifications in the policy or existing insurance

  • We conduct surveys and perform research to gain information regarding policies

  • We work with software professionals to convert the complex data into simple information for clients

  • We conduct research on current improvements in the financial and business world

  • We are proficient in staying updated with the modifications in polices with respect to the government rules and regulations acts, current improvements in the finance industry and business world, impact on policies and changes in regulatory format, etc.

  • We visit and meet different clients and client sites thoroughly understand the products that have great demand in customers, create marketing programs and draft reports

  • We work with expertise to make systems that ensure conformity with the obligations of the regulatory bodies

  • We collaborate with colleagues and team members

  • We use excellent time management and negotiation skills while conducting workshops or working with clients.

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Think about new horizon

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Think About the Women

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Jnah-961 Bldg. , 4th floor , Adnan El Hakin Str. , Beirut , Lebanon


Tel: +961 1 825577

Fax: +961 1 824812


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Think about new horizon

Think about new horizon